Huntsman Cancer Institute Choose Sargent SteamHospitals Rely on Sargent Steam Cleaners to Eliminate Deadly Bacteria

Many hospitals, including The Huntsman Cancer Institute sanitize with Sargent Steam cleaners daily to keep their operating rooms, patient rooms and common areas germ-free and their infectious rate at nearly zero. No germs can survive exposure to 300 degree steam. Sargent Steam protects patients, employees and visitors from contracting life threatening infections like Staph, MRSA and C-Diff. You should see how these hospitals shine!

Sargent Steam Cleaners are laboratory tested

Dr Richard A. Robison PhD., director of Microbiology at Brigham Young University tested Sargent Steam cleaners for their ability to kill microorganisms. His lab results proved Sargent Steam cleaners eliminate bacteria and germs in 2 seconds. He indicated, “This is extremely rapid kill rate that cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants.”

Download Dr Robison’s full study here

Steam is recommended by the Center For Disease Control

CDC recommends steam The Center for Disease Control recommends “steam” as the number one method for sanitizing patient care items and environmental surfaces.

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If you manage a hospital, surgical center or health care facility

and are concerned about the cost of patients contracting secondary infections while under your care, (like Staph, C. Diff or MRSA that Medicare won’t cover)… it’s essential to develop a simple versatile cost effective solution to keeping your facility both germ-free and profitable. One that controls labor costs, consumables costs and prevents possible lost revenue. One that’s faster, safer and more cost effective than the expensive harsh toxic chemical disinfectants currently in use today.

At Sargent Steam, we do something very unique in our industry in that we eliminate many of the costly problems health care facilities face when trying to get (or keep) their spaces clean, sanitized and germ-free. We offer the ultimate solution for health care professionals who must eliminate harmful germs quickly and easily or pay the price.

Sargent Steam offers a fast, simple, proven system that many of your competitors are already using successfully to reduce or eliminate Staph, C. Diff and MRSA infections. We will bring one of our state of the art steam cleaning systems to you and personally show you how it saves time, labor and lives.

Three Critical Challenges That Must Be Met To Assure Sanitizing Your Health Care Facility Remains Profitable

1 – Labor Costs

Any system that takes your employees 10 minutes longer than necessary eats up cash. We’ll train your crews to simultaneously clean and sanitize quickly, efficiently, effectively with modern professional tools that do a better job in less time. Your doctors use an x-ray machine, not a tube and a flashlight, right? Are your environmental services teams still using cleaning tools from last century?

2 – Consumables Costs

Adding up the cost of all those consumable disposable chemicals can be a frightening number. The more of them you use, the more they cost. They also put your employees at risk requiring masks and gloves to protect their health – not to mention the super bugs they can create. But how to save money and lives while doing a thorough job? We’ll show you a sustainable, reusable system that pays for itself quickly and then actually adds dollars to your bottom line.

3 – Lost Revenue

Under the Obamacare Affordable Care Act, and the 2008 Medicare “Never Event” policy, if a patient acquires a preventable condition – an infection like Staph, C. Diff or MRSA – while in the hospital and it’s the hospital’s fault, Medicare will not reimburse the hospital for the care.

If Medicare Refuses to Pay, Your Health Care Facility Will Lose an Average of $13,973.00 Per Incident!

It’s not your fault. No cleaning chemicals can compete with the proven science of sanitizing with steam. It’s why the Center for Disease Control recommends steam as the #1 method for sanitizing patient surfaces ( Steam will not create super bugs like cleaning chemicals, either.

Sargent Steam is a pivotal part of how the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City, Utah has kept their infectious rate at nearly zero since they started steaming in 2012, according to Linda Rogers, Environmental Services Director at the Huntsman Cancer Center.

Don’t Let Your Budget or Your Patients Lose Out On the Benefits of This State Of The Art Technology

I know what you’re up against keeping your health care facility clean and green, your budget in the black and your patients in the pink. That’s why I’m committed to helping you solve every one of your cleaning challenges. Please call 1-800-SGT-STEA(M) now to schedule a consultation even if you’re not over budget right now, the demo will give you the defense you need when the time comes.

The FREE consultation will also identify where your unseen infection-causing bacteria issues lie. You can’t see germs but they can see you and cost you big time!

Call 1-800-SGT-STEA(M) 800-748-7832 for purchasing and training info

Sargent Steam cleaners are portable – may be used throughout the hospital

  • Operating rooms
  • Patient rooms – especially bone marrow transplant patient rooms
  • Nurses stations
  • Employee areas
  • Public common areas