Sargent Steam Cleaner friendsRefer a friend today…They’ll thank you for it!

  • Who do you know who needs to clean faster, healthier, better, cheaper, greener, and easier?
  • Whose very life depends on a safe, sanitary environment?
  • Does someone you know have cleaning chemical sensitivities?
  • Do you know someone in ‘The Terrible Tradeoff”… they have a debilitating disease or life-threatening medical condition and cannot be exposed to germs but also cannot tolerate cleaning chemicals?

Here’s how the Steam Cleaner Referral Program works:

  1. Call us at 801-326-8322 with their name and e-mail
  2. We’ll contact them, help them make their purchase and give them a coupon from you for $50.00 off a new Sargent Steam Cleaning system
  3. We’ll also give YOU a $50.00 reward to spend in our store as soon as your referral buys a new Sargent Steam cleaning system

It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the word!