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BRZ2 Sargent Steam Cleaner

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Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail - Heavy Duty Sargent Steam BRZ2 Steam Cleaner

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Sargent Steam® Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Dry Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals | Includes Attachments For Easy Cleaning

  • USE ANYWHERE: Floor, tile grout, upholstery, windows, cars, furniture, carpet or in the bathroom!

  • MORE FOR YOUR MONEY: Our quality cleaning system is built to last & has all the needed attachments

  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Wipe out germs on contact w/o toxic cleaners that do harm & aren't FDA regulated

  • HIGH PRESSURE STEAMERS: Dirt can't hide from 68 lbs of steam pressure. "I can't stump this machine!"

If you’ve got dirt – you’ve got to get a Sargent Steam cleaner!

  • The Sargent Steam Cleaner BRZ2 system gives you the power the clean, sanitize and disinfect nearly every surface in your home faster, easier, healthier and better than any other cleaning method you've ever tried.

    The quality, durability and versatility are way above the industry standard of excellence. You can say goodbye to rubber gloves, harsh smelly chemicals and hard manual labor. It’s time to automate the huge housecleaning process at your house today. Welcome to getting it cleaner and doing it greener. Cleaning green with steam feels so much cleaner.

    If you’ve got dirt – you’ve got to get a Sargent Steam cleaner!


    Voltage 120 Volts (60Hz)
    Current Draw 14.7 amps
    Weight - steam generator base - 15 lbs.
    Stainless Steel Boiler 2.2 qts w/non-stick coating
    Operating Time 1.5 - 2 hours
    Power 1450 Watts
    Max Boiler Temp 300 degrees
    Temp at tip 250 degrees F
    Working PSI 52
    Repair work 1 - 2 day turn in Salt Lake City
    Warranty "2 year on defective parts 5 years boiler & heating element"

    System includes:

    1 Steam Generator
    1 Hose
    1 Floor Brush with Cover
    1 Diamond Brush
    1 Squeegee with 14 inch blade
    2 Extensions
    1 Steam Nozzle
    1 Filler Bottle
    1 1 inch soft Brush
    1 1 inch Stainless Brush
    2 1 inch Stiff Brush
    2 2 inch Soft Brush
    2 2 inch Stiff Brush
    1 Scrub Bud
    1 Rectangle Cloth
    1 Diamond Fitted Cloth
    1 How-to Video

    Customer Reviews

    Such a good investment! Review by Toni
    I love my Sergent steamer! It makes cleaning and sanitizing so easy and even fun!

    Having a Sargent steam in a dental office makes everything so much easier! What a wonderful way to keep everything clean and sanitized.

    With all of the great features of my steamer I am able to clean everything in my home, office, car and even golf clubs! It is my greatest tool!

    Such a good investment!
    -Toni Brown (Posted on 5/22/2015)
    A few things we really loved: Review by steam cleaner in Boston
    Steam Cleaner Reviews for Sargent Steam cleaner BRZ2…

    A few things we really loved:

    Things that are very hard to clean (i.e. rust in our shower from an old shower stand) become manageable
    It’s FUN – so much so that I found myself cleaning things I would never think about cleaning: doors and door frames, window frames, walls, etc.
    How you feel after – if I spent all day yesterday breathing chemicals (especially the harsh ones it would take to get the rust off the shower), I wouldn’t have felt very good, not to mention the potential impact on my long term health.

    I will say that there probably is nothing else that could replace getting one’s hands on the machine and using it in your own home. Apart from that, I think one thing we can all relate to is the pervasive influence that water, in all its forms, has on our lives. The problem is when we think “clean,” the public has a very biased definition of what that means: paper towels, chemicals, etc. If everything you do fights that perception and shows people in a tangible way the difference of cleaning with steam, you’ve won. Steam Cleaner Reviews

    Everything that I touched after cleaning with the BRZ2 felt cleaner than it’s ever been before, and that’s something that you really just have to experience.

    Can’t thank you enough!
    Micheal in Boston (Posted on 12/2/2013)

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